Feel the Calm

Take a seat in a comfortable chair or find a cozy place to lie down and feel some calm, using one of the recordings below as your guide.


A feeling of calm is often amplified when people settle together as a group. To participate in 40 - 60 minute live group settling meditations online, visit our Feel the Calm Community page. A schedule of upcoming community meditations and recordings of past events are available there.


The short settling exercises below will help you experience the first step in a biodynamic approach to healing.  You can find recordings of longer meditations recorded hereEnjoy!

Here I Am, Robyn Michele Jones (4:31 min)
Being Breathed, Robyn Michele Jones (17:24 min)
Body Scan Meditation, Myrna Martin (22:14 min)
Body Low Slow Loop, John Chitty (16:56 min)
The Practice of Feeling Calm, Roger Gilchrist (18:16 min)
Whole Body Settling, Gary Peterson (39:07 min)


Robyn Michele Jones, MA, RCST®, CMT, is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy teacher and President of the BCTA/NA Board. She has been studying and practicing bodywork since 1984, and has a strong background both in a variety of bodywork modalities and in mindfulness psychotherapy. Her continuing studies in anatomy, embryology, and pre & perinatal therapy inspire and deeply inform her teaching and practice. Learn more about Robyn Michele here.

This 20-minute body scan will help regulate your autonomic nervous system in the sequence that we grew our bodies as embryos.

Myrna Martin, RCST®, MN, RCC, has 40 years of experience working with people therapeutically as a nurse, public health nurse, family therapist, Integrative Body/Mind Therapist and teacher (IBP), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and approved Teacher. She has been in full time private practice and teaching Pre and Perinatal Workshops, Seminars and full Professional Trainings since 2000. Visit http://myrnamartin.net/ to learn about Myrna’s workshops and trainings.

This exercise is a safe and effective way to gently reduce autonomic nervous system dysfunction, particularly the sympathetic stress response known as fight or flight.

John Chitty (1949 – 2019) was a passionate teacher of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, a polarity therapist, author of Dancing with Yin & Yang (2013), Working with Babies (2016), Triune Autonomic Nervous System Wall Chart (2013), and co-author of Energy Exercises (1990, 2018). With his wife Anna Chitty, he founded the Colorado School of Energy Studies, which continues to offer innovative learning programs in somatic and energy therapies.  Learn more about the Colorado School of Energy Studies here.

The Practice of Feeling Calm

By practicing orienting to wholeness, health and the rhythm of life, we can become more expert at integrating a feeling of calm into our work with clients as well as our daily lives. In this video, Roger Gilchrist will take you through a centering practice to orient your consciousness, stabilize your energy, and open your body fields to be more available for the person you are working with.  
Roger Gilchrist, RCST®, MA, RPE, is a transpersonal psychotherapist who practices teaches Craniosacral Biodynamics and energy medicine. He is the author of the book Craniosacral Therapy and the Energetic Body, and teaches classes worldwide through his school, Wellness Institute. Learn more about Roger here.

 Whole Body Settling
Gary Peterson, RCST, PTP,  is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy teacher, who also has a background in polarity therapy. He has spent many years focused on understanding and alleviating the deep causes of suffering resulting from stress and trauma, especially for mothers and babies.  Through his school, STAR (Settling Touch and Resource) Institute, he has taught BCST since 2004 He is currently working to complete his first book, Settling – Simple Practices for Calming Your Nervous System. Learn more about Gary here.