Approved Teacher Foundation Training Exemptions for Exceptional Circumstances

In exceptional situations, a BCTA/NA Approved Teacher Foundation Training may not be able to comply with BCTA/NA Guidelines for Education. A written request for exemption may be submitted to the BCTA/NA Board before the first day of the training. The prospective students will be apprised of the exemption before enrollment.

The exemption request includes:

1.  A letter of request for exemption of BCTA/NA Guidelines for Education. Please include the unusual situation why the training is unable to meet the BCTA/NA Guidelines for Education.

2.  Request for Exemption application information required

  • Training start date
  • Training completion date
  • Training location
  • Number of students enrolled
  • Student/Teacher ratio
  • List names of:
    • BCTA/NA Approved Teacher/s
    • Teacher/s
    • Teacher Assistant/s 
    • Teacher Trainee/s
  • One through Ten Module information
    • Date of each module
    • Location of each module
    • Name of teacher/s for each module
    • Curriculum title for each module
    • Hours per module
    • Days per module
Each request will be considered on its own merits and responded to within 60 days. The approval of the request for exemption may include other steps or conditions to equate with the BCTA/NA Guidelines for Education. 
Exemption requests for the BCTA/NA Board of Directors may be sent [email protected].